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Superstar proves himself a Superstar again!!!

Superstar Rajinikanth is already in news all over for his upcoming movie 2point0. This time the news is about his 1995 superhit movie ‘Muthu’. The movie has been restored in 4K and 5.1 CH sound it will be re-released in Japan.

The first time the movie was released in 1998 in Japan with title ‘Odoru Maharaja’ meaning ‘Dancing Maharaja’. It was released in almost 50 screens around Japan. Movie crossed the 100 days mark then and was great hit among Japanese. The people and the government were even ready to give superstar a good position in government. ‘Muthu’ made Rajinikanth very popular in Japan.

The re-release will have a small video where Rajinikanth has wishing and inviting Japanese people to come and watch the movie which will be played before the movie. This video of 2 minutes length is used for promotion all over Japan. It is said that the team has been working from the past 9 weeks to complete the new version. The movie’s music is also restored under the supervision of AR.Rahman. Recently a trailer of the restored version was released and has gone viral. The movie will be released on 23rd November.

Japan fans are celebrating Rajinism and welcoming 2point0 on November 29th a week before and they are the first in the world beating Tamilnadu Rajini fans.