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Superstar Rajinikanth breaks the records set by Sarkar!!!

The costliest movie of the Indian cinema history 2 point o is just hours away from release. The movie is releasing worldwide on tomorrow (29th November). This will be the first movie to be shot entirely in 3D technology. The distribution rights were sold for whooping price around India and worldwide. It is said that the distributors of Andhra Pradesh, Telungana, Karnataka and Kerala will not share the profit with Lyca productions. But the north region will do. The overseas distributions are in the hands of Lyca itself.

The movie is to be released on record high screen all over India. In the neighbouring states of Tamilnadu specially Kerala tamil movies has good response. The last movie to set a record by releasing in 400 screens around Kerala was Vijay’s Sarkar, now its Superstars turn. 2 point o is releasing in almost 450 screens making history in Kerala. Not only in India even in Srilanka the movie is taking on almost 85- 90 screens breaking all records, the maximum screens that an Indian movie has been screened till date was 20-30. If the movie does as expected at the box office the distributors are sure to bag huge profit. A minimum of 85 crores is expected only in Tamilnadu we have to wait for the movie’s outcome to know the exact numbers. Thalaivar Rocks…