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Superstar Rajinikanth’s 100, 1000 and 10,000 milestone!!!

Kollywood.net has been continuously reporting the progress of the movie 2 Point o. The latest buzz is that 2 Point o will be the first movie in Indian history to be released on 10,000 plus screens worldwide. This is something unique that happens only with Superstar’s movies. This is not the first time that Superstar is making history. In 1991, Rajinikanth’s ‘Thalapathy’ was the first south Indian movie to be released in over 100 screens. In continuation of the record making in 2007 Superstar’s ‘Sivaji’ was released in over 1000 screens worldwide.

In a recent interview he had mentioned that movie 2 Point o has a lot to offer to the viewers. Not only his fans but everybody will enjoy the movie, the technology used in the movie is mind-blowing. That could be seen when the internet was taken on storm when the 2 Point o trailer was released. He also added that Akshay Kumar’s role is very important and better than his role of Vaseegarana and Chitti in the movie. Superstar mentioned ,‘There is a surprise character in the movie, which I can’t reveal now, but audience are sure to enjoy as it is in my style’. So what could it be?