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Superstar sets and breaks his own record!!!

Age is just a number when it comes to superstar Rajinikanth, he is been proving it time and again from past almost 10 years. He has been a continuous member in 100 cr club. Superstar was the first star to enter into the 100 cr club through his movie Enthiran. He has been a trend setter not only in choosing his roles but also taking up different characters.

He has been very particular and choosy specially in choosing characters that he wishes to play. In the past few years, we have seen that hardly one movie of Superstar per year. But in 2018 the case was different we had Kaala and 2 point 0 releasing the same year. Of which 2 point 0 was a massive hit. This is what we had spoken about earlier that he has been the pioneer of lot of things. He has had three movies which has taken its place in 100 cr club. 2 point 0 and Petta, Petta has gone step forward and broke the record surpassing the 100 cr collection. Petta will be in the 200 cr collection club soon. This can be done only by Superstar.