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Petta or Viswasam? – who will win


There was little confusion on the release date of two different movies of superstar Rajinikanth. It seems that they have a conclusion now. The movies in doubt were Enthiran 2 or 2.0 by Shankar and Petta by Karthik Subbaraj. It was told that Enthiran 2 to be released first but the date was not confirmed as yet. Petta is still in the last stages of its post production work as they have just kind of completed shoot in Chennai. It has to be noted that a lot of prominent star’s were added to the cast towards the last stage of movie. Like Actor/director Sasikumar and Trisha who joined the star cast in the month of October.

Enthiran 2 is been in making for quite some time now. Its a really huge project and lot of money has gone into to making of the movie. The VFX of the movie is something to look for. The movie release date is confirmed to be as 29th November 2018. So its not a near possibility that another movie of Superstar will be released in a month’s gap of a release of previous movie. It is now sure that the movie Petta will hit the screen only in 2019, possibilities are that it will be a Pongal release.