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Suresh Menon talks about his next movie Puthiya Mugam 2

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Suresh Menon next movie: Former director Suresh Menon is returning to Tamil cinema with his next movie. He has announced that he has written the script of Puthiya Mugam 2, which will be a sequel to his 1993 superhit Puthiya Mugam. Suresh Menon, who acted in the movie, returned to acting after a gap of 20 years. Recently he was seen in Solo and Thaana Serndha Koottam

He says, “I am always passionate towards movies. During my hiatus, I was approached by many directors to do roles in their movies. But I wasn’t interested in the roles that were offered to me. Then I was offered some excellent roles in Solo and Thaana Serndha Koottam. I also got positive reviews for my roles in those films, which made me very happy. I am also glad to know that new-gen directors are coming up with meaty roles and they provide ample screen space for all the actors in their movies. They are also coming up with many bold scripts and I would surely take up such challenging roles in the future.

Also, I have completed the script of Puthiya Mugam’s sequel. I would decide on its further proceeding soon. It’s been long in the making and it would surely see the light of the day. Anyway, I am not rushing into directing the movie as of now. I am busy with helping Chennai Police with their Traffic Management Systems. I am also engaged in the building and redesigning of public toilets. I spend my valuable time in many of these social activities. All these social activities provide abundant help and support in my career as director and actor.”

Puthiya Mugam was a thriller film which told the story of an assassin who undergoes plastic surgery, changes into a new leaf, falls in love with a woman, marries her and joins the Indian Army. Later, his past comes to haunt him when his grown-up son resembles his previous face. The film had an exhilarating soundtrack by A.R. Rahman, which played a phenomenal part in the success of the movie.

More updates regarding this movie will be posted here!