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Surprise Call to Director of Maanagaram Movie Lokesh Kanakaraj

The biggest icon of Tamil cinema Super star Rajininkanth called the director of Managaram Movie Lokesh Kanakaraj in phone and appreciated his good work in Maanagaram Movie.

Superstar Rajinikanth has actually watched the most recent sensation ‘Maanagaram’ film and he was very much impressed with the film which made him instantly call the film’s producer S.R.Prabhu and also the debutant director Lokesh Kanakaraj and pass on good wishes to them for carrying such a great film.

The producer also shared this happy news in twitter page “Then joker Now  Maanagaram Thalaivar spoke me •” Actually Super star has already called Prabhu for the film Prabhu to appreciate him and now again for this movie Maanagaram.

Also, Lokesh in his official twitter page tweeted that he was very much happy as such a biggest icon of Tamil industry calling him and wishing for his work. He also shared that he was not be able to even sleep that night because of the enormous happiness he has derived from Thalaivar’s call.

“ஒரு phone call “கண்ணா ஹா ஹா”

அவர்தான் அவரேதான் தலைவர் @superstarrajini மாநகரம் பார்த்துவிட்டு…இன்னிக்கு தூங்கனமாதிரிதான்…@prabhu_sr”

Young director Lokesh is on cloud nine is having a perfect happiness now.