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Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 12

Q/A: 1
May I know what’s the reason behind the Sivaji Ganesan commitment towards the drama genre films in his career?
Sivaji is a well versed actor in the drama genre and most of the films were successful at box-office.

Q/A: 2
Who owns a private jet in Tamil film industry?
Actress K. R. Vijaya owned a aircraft and in current no one owns a private jet in the industry.

Q/A: 3
May I know about the actor who acted in Thiruvilayadal Aarambam as Prakash Raj secretary?
I’m aware that you aren’t a movie lover otherwise you would have recognized him his name is Ilavarasu. He has acted in many movies in Tamil film industry.

Q/A: 4
Has M. N. Nambiar received any awards of honors for the contribution in Tamil industry?
Nambiar haven’t received any national award and it has displeased me as well. It’s the most unacceptable way that a highly talented artist was not recognized at the time period by the central government.

Q/A: 5
Why Chinnappa Devar was nicknamed Sandow?
He owns a boxing club and a professional boxer before stepping to cinema so he was nicknamed as Sandow.

Q/A: 6
Is the movie Koteeswaran produced by KT Kunjumon, will release through OTT platform?
Chances are very low for the film to release in OTT.

Q/A: 7
Why didn’t they show Mahalakshmi in the climax scene of Enga Veetu Ramayanam movie cast by S.V. Sekhar and Mahalakshmi .
It might be due to the unavoidable absence in schedule.

Q/A: 8
Why Bala (director) does a film in same genre and if his outcomes were a different one like Paradesi performed well and Naachiyaar it doesn’t perform well?
Bala can come up with a different script but I don’t know the reason behind the long gap for his commitment to a new project.

Q/A: 9
Is Vetrimaaran direction Vaadivasal film is based upon the Vaadivasal novel by writer C. S. Chellappa?
Yes the film is based on the novel of Vaadivasal written by Chellappa . Suriya is proposed to be the lead hero of Vaadivasal.

Q/A: 10
Apart from film making based on caste, religion, status, language. We enjoy watching movies of the Artists but nowadays it doesn’t feel as the same why it is so?
Your point is justified and I do the feel the same here!

Q/A: 11
Has anyone tried to make a movie based upon Sancharam novel written by Ramakrishnan?
No one has committed yet to make a film based on the novel Sancharam.

Q/A: 12
If the Bollywood film Chhichhore have remake to Kollywood by casting Dhanush, Jayam Ravi, Trisha and Nayanthara to my opinion will it be a great?
Your selection is good but I don’t know who will attempt to cast with this leading stars.

Q/A: 13
Is there any legal heir of Thengai Srinivasan working in Tamil industry currently?
Thengai Srinivasan daughter in law name Shruti has worked in Nala Damayanthi along with five films in her career.

Q/A: 14
Can you share a few words about M. Saravanan, is he a silent person?
M. Saravanan comes from reputed family behind all is success as a producer. He’s a Down to earth person.

Q/A: 15
Have this three films been successful Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai, Rajaputhran and Thazhuvatha Kaigal?
Comparing it with the three films Aarilirunthu Arubathu Varai comes first the second place Rajaputhran and Thazhuvatha Kaigal is a flop movie.

Q/A: 16
Which Tamil film has the more number of songs in a movie?
At the budding stage of Tamil cinema there were lot of songs choreographed and I hope there were about 50 songs in a film at that time period.

Q/A: 17
May I know the reason behind the lack of female music director in the industry?
I too felt surprised that there is a lack of female music director in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi Industry as well while comparing it with male music director.

Q/A: 18
Actor Vikram has tried his best in acting identically as Kamal. May I know is he lacking in the script selection?
Even though actor Vikram does all his hard work by selecting the script by his acting by good technicians there is a possibility of failure. If it’s not attractive to the audience and it’s because of lack of entertainment values and the current trend mismatch.

Q/A: 19
Is it true that Master film will be released in OTT?
Master film cast and crew is very confident that they won’t be releasing the movie in the OTT platform. The latest buzz is the team is eyeing for Pongal 2021 release.

In which movie did you felt that superstar Rajinikanth is a good actor?
In his early stage of acting career he acted in a movie Avargal which has impressed me a lot in his acting career.

What happens when Vijay and Ajith act together for a movie?
Undoubtedly it would be the highest grosser film ever but I don’t think so if they will act together.


Who will be ideal heros if Thalapathy movie is remade now?

In our opinion we think Dhanush will suit superstar role and Vijay Sethupathi for Mammooty role.

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