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Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 13

Will a contract been signed by the director that he should be the responsibility to complete the movie within budget? if the budget exceeds rather than the estimation quoted by the producer?
Many Producers in Kollywood have convinced the director to sign the agreement for several years but the directors never agreed to it over the years.

Why Sivakumar has nicknamed as Markandeyan of Tamil cinema?
It’s due to his charming young look which he has maintained until now so that’s why he was nicknamed Markandeyan.

May I know the specialty of Mitchell camera?
Mitchell camera is an early stage camera and it’s a big one when we compared it with the cameras currently it can able to support 1000 feet reel capacity but nowadays cameras are around only 400 feet reel capacity and its specialty is used widely for trick shot.

Who was taking care of Sivaji Ganesan schedule while acting in Padayappa movie is it a son Ramkumar or Shanmugam?
While filming Padayappa movie Shanmugam has passed away so it was his son Ramkumar who managed his call sheets.

Can you share a few words about Actor director lyricist Nethaji?
Nethaji is a talented man in various fields off cinema He is down to earth person but unfortunately he passed away so early.

What’s the difference of Job nature for PRO initially and currently?
The press release and news are now being sent via online mediums like email, twitter. Thos days it used to be xerox copies.

While the release of the Nasser film Thai Ullam. We have proposed a gift task in our hometown theater that none of the audiences should cry until the duration of movie gets over. Does this scenario happen anywhere?
I can share my details if you are able to describe about your hometown and also regarding the event details which was initiated.

Ponmagal Vandhal has received good reviews from audience side May I know the film is hit?
According to me there is a need of cinema critics’ perception review for a movie as general audience view might differ a lot. Ponmagal Vandhal movie has failed to impress the cinema critics reviewer.

Can you share a few words about director Sasi?
Director Sasi is highly skilled professional, his movies varies in a different genre subject. To say about his negative he takes a long duration gap to commit with a new script thats why he has directed only handful of movies.

May I know to become a music director in Tamil cinema we have to play all the instruments then how K. Bhagyaraj, S. J. Surya, TR became as a music director?
It needs a lot of creativity and passion towards music. If you look on to TR, he composed the music using a table without any knowledge to play an instrument but he has given many hits songs in his career.

Is there any difference in the budget of the film while releasing in theaters rather than OTT?
The budget of the film is considered by the script and the cast and crew of the film not about the release in theaters or OTT

Is it true if the film becomes a disaster in box office hero will repay the money to the producer rather than that why can’t they cut off their salary for the film which they have committed?
This scenario happens after the movie release if it’s totally a flop, because they don’t know about the movie performance in the market while signing the agreement.

If a hero is not familiar in a language how could they make neither a scene nor the actor understands a script?
They would communicate in English if the director doesn’t know the language he would keep assistants to translate and to explain everything to cast and crew.

What’s the movie name that has Goundamani and Ramarajan eating food comedy scenes:

That movie name is Paatukku naan adimai 

Do Hollywood films have an interval in the movie like Titanic and Avatar because its duration is about 3 hours?
Hollywood films DO not have interval concept. You have to get popcorn and snacks everything before start of movie. Once movie starts its full ride. If you need to get out few minutes, then you need to get in middle of the movie. But here there is an interval even for an hour duration film in our country and it’s because due to the commitment of the theater Association so they can sell their products to the audience.

How Kamal Hassan has survived in the film industry after a continuous flop off his movies in recent years?
I can understand that how much you are affectionate towards Kamal Hassan, he is never an actor who flops, its because the movie he experiments may fail. But he is constant path breaker and setting new trends and huge records, if you see all of his career.