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Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 7

After the hit of Orthalai Ragam movie what happened to life of cast and crew?
Orthalai Ragam movie director title name was Ibrahim but it was directed  completely by TR so that’s why Ibrahim couldn’t succeed in Tamil Industry .The film lead hero Shankar has acted more than 150 films in his career and he has also directed 6/7 films in Malayalam and the lead heroine Roopa was acting in TV Serials often but now she has stopped acting due to her personal choice.

Can you list out top 3 Tamil films with best screenplay?
We can say there are about 300 films in Tamil which are best in screenplay. I will choose 3 film in various timeframe first one Antha Naal directed by S Balachandar lead hero was Sivaji second one Kamal Hasan Virumandi and the third one is Thupakki directed by AR Murgadoss lead actor was Vijay. These three films has a different screenplay which are at its peak.

Actor Ram voice was different in I & LkG film is it his original voice?
The characters might differ upon the movies so that’s why you felt the difference of voices for both the film was dubbed by Ram.

Snehan has worked for Vairamuthu as his assistant, for a duration of 5 years. What would be the job for a lyricist assistant?
A nature of Assistant director there might be a chance to alter the story line but for the assistant of lyricist they don’t have any chance to change anything. According to my knowledge what the lyricist says needed to be written down. great lyricist Kannadasan assistant was Panchu Arunachalam and he has worked for a long period. What’s his job nature is to note down whatever Kannadasan speaks. I hope Snehan did the same as well.

Why didn’t Sathyaraj direct any film after Villadhi Villan?
The film making reason was mainly due to Priya Reddy. Sathyaraj is a actor by profession wise, he was committed towards the work were he rarely gets a gap to direct a film upto now his schedule is busy.