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Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 8

Can you share a few words about 80’s actor Prasanna . Is he a relative of Visu?
Prasanna is a good actor and he is not a relative of actor and director Visu. In the early age of his acting career he was nick named as small Visu. Both for them have a similar style of acting in family story based movies.

AVM Saravanan has mentioned that in all his film actress Manorama will be a part but why she didn’t act in RAJA CHINNA ROJA movie with superstar Rajinikanth?

Manorama has a strong bonding with AVM who has rarely missed a film under the banner. AVM has also done a few Hindi films were Manorama can’t able to cast likewise in the film RAJA CHINNA ROJA were she doesn’t make it, there could be many reasons behind it, story could also be a reason

While filming Kandaswamy does the cast and crew sacrifice eating Non Vegetarian because of the title sync with God name?
It’s all Rumours , Is Kandaswamy a devotee film. Its a commercial film so you can consider it as a rumor.

Is there any possibility for the next sequence of Psycho movie?
There are possibilities let’s see who Myskin chooses to cast the film.


What is original name of Gangai Amaran:
Gangai Amaran original name is Amar Singh (based on a communist leader)