Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 1

Q/A : 1
Why was Ravanan movie directed by Mani ratnam a flop one even though the story line was great ? After watching Ravanan movie (Raavan in Hindi) you had a feel that it’s a very good film. Likewise if other people felt the same as you are it might be a huge hit but the majority of the people didn’t project in the way as you think so it has become a disaster in box office.

Q/A : 2
Has anyone in the film industry have tried to make a biopic of actor Chandrababu ? Kadalorakavithai story writer and Amaran film director and famous writer K.Rajeshwar has attempted to make a biopic of actor Chandrababu and he has informed the film work schedule will start very soon so let’s wait and see.

Q/A: 3
Can you share a few words about Pasaparaivagal director Cochin Haneefa and is the film a money spinner ? A very talented natural actor Cochin Haneefa is also a good director too. He has given a massive hits in Malayalam film industry. Pasaparavaigal is a hit film which he directed in Tamil. He has been in a very good bonding with the superstars of Malayalam Film Industry. Cochin Haneefa has actor in important character roles in movies like Mudhalvan, Sivaji and a small cameo role in Enthiran as traffic police officer.

May I know your opinion regarding black money accusations in Tamilnadu film industry ? If you have asked this question before 10/12 years back there might be a chance but now the industry is very clean. Now GST is also implemented to a great extent in Tamil cinema.

Sir is Navarathri and Karnan film a flop one since I have seen the YouTube reviewer described it as a flop recently? While Karnan film was released the opponent was Vetikaran movie of MGR since it was a missive hit Karnan was lacking behind its box office numbers comparatively but if you look on to individually it’s a hit movie and regarding Navarathri film it’s a hit movie too.
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