Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 2

Were is the Island location seen in Jallikattu movie? The island shown in the Jallikattu movie is not real. The sceneries were shot in the location Kuthuramukku which is located near Sringeri in Karnataka. The tremendous house of Shivaji which was shown in the island was filmed in Bangalore region.

Bhagyaraj Sundaragantam film actress Sinduja current status? Sinduja has married a Producer and living a peaceful family life.

After Superstar Rajinikanth the next pan India star is Vijay according to my opinion . If he is not who else might be? Since theatres are closed and the movies are yet to be released it’s too early to predict, let us leave this year and we can decide who will be the next Pan star in the upcoming year.

Can you share a few words of antagonist actor PS Veerapa as a Producer, did he achieve any milestone? According to my knowledge lots of good character people in real life have acted as a villain in cinema, like PS. Veerapa . PS Veerapa has produced super hits but two of his films didn’t perform well and that’s the end of his production career!

May I know your opinion regarding Bharthiraja directing Tamilselvan film with actor Vijayakanth , Is the movie a flop due to some changes in the script for Vijayakanth fans? If Tamilselvan movie script is based on a novel , we can judge as you said but the storyline is created with Vijayakanth in mind, so there is no chance for changes made for Vijayakanth fans in particular.
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