Tamil Cinema Question and Answers – part 6

Is Siryial Pootha China Malar starring actor Rajesh movie a hit movie?
Siryial Pootha China Malar is a hit movie for actor Rajesh

Sir Whistle movie director JD Jerry , Is he directing any movie now?
Whistle and Ullasam film director JD Jerry was committed towards advertising industry and currently he is working with Saravana Stores Annachi for his debut movie.

What’s the next film for Director Thyagaraja Kumararaja?
Thyagaraja Kumararaja is not a director who does a script in 3 months he needs his own space to fulfill his commitment so definitely he will come up with a brilliant script as usual with his usual time gap.

Does Sivaji owned a drama troupe and what was his last one acted as a drama?
Yes Sivaji Ganesan has owned drama troupe and so many big artist have acted in it and Veerapandiya Kettaboman work was also done at his drama troupe and his last one acted as drama was Thangapathakam.

Can you share a few words about old film Thirumali thenkumari starring Siva kumar as the lead?
A few years ago Director Linguswamy directed Paiyaa a travel log movie is a similar descendant film Thirumalai Thenkumari were story plot is to travel from Thirumalai to Thenkumari visiting multiple temples and tourist spots and the story evolves around that. Its directed AP Nagarajan a very sweet momentous film.

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