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Tamil Film Producers Council Election Today April 2, 2017

Today April 2, 2017 the election for complete all office bearer posts of Tamil Film Producers Council Election took place. The polling started early this morning in the Woodlands Theater.

All new candidates for 27 post comprising the President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and executive council members is supposed to be selected today.

There are three teams contesting in this election, each of the group is headed by Keyar, R.Radhakrishnan and Vishal. All the three team have members contesting in all the posts.

We have already informed about the Vishal team contesting in the Producer election. And the people name list who are contesting for that particular posts

The voting began at 8 am and went on till 4 pm, after which the counting has begun. It seems that the counting of the votes will be started today evening and the results will be probably announced midnight.

This Tamil film producer council election is being directed under the control of Madras High Court’s Justice (retd) S. Rajeswaran.