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Tamil Film Producers Council Strike ending today

Major update on ongoing Tamil Film Producers Council strike:

There were major updates from the tri party meeting held yesterday 17th April with TN government official presiding. TN theatres council, producers and distributors all attended the meeting to come up with an amicable solution to end the Tamil cinema producers strike. There were earlier discussions going on individually, but yesterday’s one is the major one with government officials and TN ministers office participating.

It is heard internally that the solution has been met and strike will be officially ended today. But no official word from producers council yesterday and there would be a detailed press release or meeting expected today. Some of the important point that are achieved are

  1. Computerized ticketing in all theaters form June 1 2018
  2. Reduction of Qube costs more than half. Still not sure if Qube will continue or other service providers will replace Qube.
  3. TNPC would establish a portal for online ticket booking to reduce online booking cost burden from public
  4. Flexible ticket pricing, low pricing for small budget movies

More updates on the achievements of the strike and the solutions would be announced from the official press meet today

If everything goes well, we can expect releases from this week and shooting for the stalled Tamil movies to resume immediately.