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Thadam Movie Review

Just like horror comedy, crime thrillers are trying to take a big space in Tamil cinema. These movies have a big fan following who love suspense and thrills. Joining this list of crime thriller is Thadam. Leading the plot is Arun Vijay who has taken this genre as his new path. He also plays a dual role in this movie. Thadam is directed by Magizh Thirumeni and Sonia Agarwal plays a key role.

Kavin (Arun Vijay) is a petty thief his aide is Suruli (Yogi Babu). Kavin is quite self-centered and does not value Ananthi’s (Smruthi Venkat) love for him. On the other hand, Ezhil (Arun Vijay) is in the construction business and wants to settle down with Deepika (Tanya Hope).

A youngster is murdered and the police, under the guidance of Gopalakrishnan (Vijayan) zeros Ezhil as the culprit. The police try to get him maximum punishment. Meanwhile, Kavin is also taken into custody. Gopalakrishnan asks his junior Malarvizhi (Vidya Pradeep) to take up the case. With no evidence, Malar starts to find the culprit between Ezhil and Kavin.

What makes the entire plot interesting is how the script has been laid before the audience. Each scene has its own twists and turns and this makes it quite interesting. However, this also becomes one of the movie’s minus as it tends to stretch away from the plot.

Arun Vijay’s performance is the icing on the cake. He has played a clear distinguishing between Ezhil and Kavin. The movie actually rests on Magizh Thirumeni’s shoulders. He has played a clever game with plots and twists with his good writing skills. He has managed to maintain the suspense element all through. Tanya Hope is bubbly and Smruthi as sub-inspector is good. Although Arun Vijay steals the show, the script is the real hero in Thadam.

Arun Vijay kills it in dual roles
The script has been well-written

A little slow in reaching the plot

Final line: A gripping thriller that is laced with suspense and crime.

Rating : 3.5/5