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Thala 59 – Latest updates

Each passing day there is a new thing popping up about Thala 59. It was said till date that Ajith will doing his next movie and it will be a remake of the popular Hindi movie Pink. On 13th Nov it went all upside down. Sources say that a big star like Ajith would never do a remake of any movie. So the remake rumour was completely washed out.

The fact remains that Ajith’s next movie is with H.Vinoth and will be produced by Boney kapoor. Though there was a rumour doing its round stating that the next one’s director will be Vishnuvardhan not Vinoth.H, it has been nullified now. If the movie would be a remake of Pink, ‘Thala’ would be a perfect fit into Amitabh Bachchan. And the character of is also of a great calibre and it won great applause, in addition to it the movie has a pretty strong message. As fans were getting excited about the new story line believing the rumour, there was a information from reliable sources that fans have to wait for the confirmation on ‘Thala 59’ story update.

Director H.Vinoth is not active on social media so the updates can’t be trusted from twitter or another social media sources. The movie could either be a remake or a fresh story to fit Thala Ajith So we have to wait for more updates.