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Thala Ajith helps Indian Students bag award in Australia

Its really surprising to see a lot of different faces of our favourite star’s, specially for stars like Ajith who’s calibre is always a top notch. Just recently Actor Ajith kumar was appointed to head a team of students of MIT Chennai as ‘Helicopter test pilot and UAV system Advisor’ and the project was named Dhaksha, the project deals with developing an UAV mini helicopter i.e, it should run automatically without any human as its pilot using remote control. This will be helpful in medical emergencies like if a person is stuck in a remote location but wants to send sample’s to the hospital this UAV come’s into action. Ajith didn’t forget to continue his goodwill as he has donated the salary which he gets working on this project (Rs.1000 per visit) to poor students in MIT.

Its not a new thing that Ajith is dealing with bikes or cars..but Helicopter is definitely not something which anybody would have expected, and to cream the cake Thala has done an excellent job which has helped the group of MIT students of project Dhaksha to bag an award in Australia, the group has already bagged an award in India for its excellence. Anna University Prof. Dr.Surappa is all praises for Ajith on his achievement and expertise.