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Thala Ajith silent achievement for this Diwali

Thala Ajith was working with MIT Aeronautical engineering students in making some break thru research in the field of drones. Ajith is an expert mechanic of any sort starting from bikes to cars and his skills also expands to Aeronautical mechanics. Combined with his hobby of flying planes as he also owns a pilot license, he started to work with students to help them in their projects and achieve in the field.

Recently it is well known the “Daksha” team won international awards and also government appreciation. Before Diwali it is heard the Daksha team helped set up drone monitoring system in the busy Ranganathan streets of T Nagar for the crowded Diwali. Results came in that the drone monitoring system has helped to reduce the number of security incidents drastically this year in T Nagar.

Well done team Daksha and Thala in making real change to the society with technology.