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Thala touches 125 crs, its Official!!!

Yes, one of the prominent movies that were released for this pongal was Viswasam. KJR Studios announced it officially. Even with a strong competition from Petta the movie has managed to hit the 125 cr mark in collection. Both the movies were equally welcomed by audience. But in some way Viswasam has taken a space slightly ahead of Petta. The reason could be because Petta falls a little short in its second half.

Though the movie is pumped with energy in the first half and falls flat in some places in the second half. Especially in the flash back things get a little confusing and dragging. But Viswasam has a action packed second half which is exactly what is expected from the audience. Both the movies Petta and Viswasam seems to have done justice to the hype that was created. Superstar Rajinikanth has really worked hard in getting that energy in the movie and that shows on the screen. And he has done very well in looking young. Viswasam is the vice versa of Petta because Ajith is looking older in the second half and that seems to have worked for the movie. All said and done both the movies have yielded profit which very important for a commercial movie. It is also a talk in town that KJR studios which released Viswasam all over tamilnadu is now planning produce a movie with Ajith taking the lead role.