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Thambi Ramiah to Direct his Son Umapathy

The ever popular comedian and character artist Thambi Ramaiah has been funded a film titled Adhagapttadhu Mahajanangalae. The interesting part here is that the hero of the film is his son Umapathy.

Apart from this Thambi Ramaiah himself would say to direct this film and the same would be produced by Non-Resident Indians.

It seems that already Thambi Ramaiah who is at this time very busy acting in above 20 films; along with he has also decided to rope in his son as a hero into this field.

The famous roles that are performed by Thambi Ramiah are the Jailer character that was done in the film called “Myna”. He also received a National award for his film for giving out his best as a supporting actor.

Further, from acting he also has written many comedy tracks to Vadivelu in almost several films. Along with he also shared screen space with Vadivelu as an assistant comedy actor in few films.


When coming to the direction part, the movies such as ‘Manuneedhi’ and ‘Indiralogathil Na. Azhagappan’ was directed by Thambi Ramaiah.

Among all these the films Myna took him to the peak of glory. At present, he is performing in a significant character in the film ‘uoo’.

The current update of the film, the movie is supposed to have a remix song Devadoss 2016 from the olden days blockbuster Vidhi that featured Poornima Jayaram (Bhagyaraj) and Mohan.

The music for Vidhi was composed by Shankar Ganesh and according to sources, Shankar Ganesh would too be featuring in the current remix song. The heroine and further cast and technicians selection are happening currently.

We would come with more updates soon with regards to this film. So stay tuned and watch out.