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“Thimirupudichavan” Movie Review

The movie was scheduled to release for diwali but it was postponed because of ‘Sarkar’. “Thimirupudichavan”is directed by Ganeshaa, he worked as an assistant with SS.Rajamouli. Film deals with Juvenile crime and how they are bought into the trap. Vijay Antony plays the role of a cop and this seems just like another movie with usual good cop and bad goon types.
Murugavel (Vijay Antony) starts as a sub-inspector in Virudhunagar and he has a brother who always chooses the bad ways of life. Later the younger brother gets tired of Murugavel’s continuous advice and flees to Chennai. After few years Murugavel is transferred to Chennai and finds out the bitter fact that his brother works for Padma (Sai Deena). Padma is somebody who finds young boys to commit crimes and hires them. In an unavoidable situation Murugavel ends up killing his own brother. Later he finds out that there are lot of other young boys who are into Juvenile crime. Murugavel decides that he will definitely get these boys out of these crimes and change their lives. Inspector Madonna (Nivetha Pethuraj) enters into picture when Murugavel comes to Chennai. He falls in love with Madonna in the later part. And she stands with him in nabbing Padma.
The movie is just a normal story of a brainy cop who is fighting against Juvenile crime, believes in god, falls in love , destroys the bad goon etc., Vijay Anthony fits into the uniform perfectly. Stunt sequences as just a little too much to digest. Movie does have usual Vijay Anthony factors like family/mother sentiments. If somebody goes to watch the movie with Pichaikaran or Salim in mind they will be disappointed. Though the movie has a social message it has failed to reach the target.

Vijay Anthony performance


Final line: Thimiru pudichavan only the title is catchy….

Ratings: 2/5