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Thirumanam Movie Review

Actor-director Cheran has made a comeback with Thirumanam. Known for his unique making style that gives importance to emotions, Cheran has not failed his fans this time too. With Thirumanam he has bought out the integral parts of our marriage system and why young couples opt for divorces during the early part of their marriages.

The movie is about Mahesh (Umapathy) and Aadhira (Kavya Suresh). The two fall in love and decide to live together. Trouble arises when their families get together to plan their wedding. Aadhira’s brother is Arivu (Cheran). As both the families start discussing the wedding, they discover that Arivu and Manonmani have differences of opinion. Arivu is a practical yet emotional man. His idea is to keep the wedding simple, while Manonmani insists on a grand event. Caught in between are Mahesh and Aadhira, and they are too lost in the development.
The movie is out and out family drama and all the characters in it have been well blended with the story. There are several emotional moments in the movie however it does tend to get a little preachy and predictable towards the end. Though the message the director wants to convey is good, it has somehow got lost in the screenplay and making.

Speaks about the societal factors of marriage

Several loopholes in making
Too preachy

Final line: A family drama that focuses on wedding and life after it for young couples.

Rating : 2/5