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Thug Life – The Real Gangster Film by Kamal Hassan

Kamal Hassan movie Thug life

Thug Life is a Tamil action drama movie directed by Mani Rathnam in collaboration with Kamal Haasan after a long gap of 34 years of acting in Nayakan, which was released in 1987. The main actors in this movie are Kamal Hassan, who acts as Rangaraya Sakthivel Nayakar, Silambarasan, Trisha, Ashok Selvan, Abirami, and Nassar. RajKamal Films, along with Redgiant, produced this movie. The music composer for this movie is A R Rahman.

This film is mainly shot in locations in New Delhi and Chennai. The cinematography is by K R Chandran, who received Filmfare awards two times for his work. A Sreekar Prasad for editing has served in this field for 35 years.

The Thug Life theme song was released in a three-minute promotional video. The music was composed by A R Rahman, and the singers are Nakul and Rakshita Suresh. It was released on the eve of Kamal’s birthday. A few news reports say Dulker Salmaan and Jeyam Ravi may join the Thuglife cast.

A controversy arose soon after Silambarasan joined the Thuglife team; the Tamil Film Council issued a red notice to stop Silambarasan from acting in new upcoming movies, followed by producer Ishari K Ganesh. Silambarasan is said to act as the son of Kamal Hassan after it is shown in the released promo video.

In the promo video, Kamal Haasan introduces himself as a Gangster, a born criminal whose name is Rangaraya Nayakar Sakthivel. He attacks a group of thugs in a deserted land, and the background music is superb.

In the second promo released, Silambarasan wheeling a car in a desert land, pointing a gun from inside the vehicle, received 5 million views online and was released by Raj Kamal Film. Also, Ab International and Home Screen purchased the International Theatrical distribution of the movie for 63 crores; this is one of the highest pay for Tamil films.