Varisu vs Thunivu - opening weekend Box office

Now both Varisu and Thunivu has released on Jan 11th and the first few days of the Box Office run is over. Now we can do the Thunivu vs Varisu - Box office report Critic Review: The review from critics for both movies is "strictly average". Both the movies are not the best versions of neither the directors nor the hero or even the production houses. Since Ajith-Vijay the two stalwarts of Tamil cinema's movies are both released in same day, every critic is slightly biased towards his/her "favorite" rather than the content itself. But in the critics review based on the ratings and comments. Thunivu slitly edges over Varisu. It did not take a major rating advantage but it surely fared well when we just compare both the movies together rather than comparing the previous movies.

Box office review: This is a very serious area where facts and figures take the back seat when everyone becomes a reporter in Twitter claiming their own "made up" numbers. The first or second day reporting is way too early to report, we did wait some time until the weekend passes.

Now we have the first weekend passed Tamilnadu day 1 winner (Jan 11)  -

Thunivu collected around (22cr) 2 to 3 crores over Varisu (20cr)

Tamilnadu - 5 days winner (until Jan 15) - Thunivu fared around 2-3 crores over Varisu.
Varisu lost day 1 opening record to Thunivu movie, but it picked up after 2nd day and was able to catch up.
We have more data and factual figures for Tamilnadu Box office collections , but we do not have trustable facts and figures for other states, overseas numbers. Because for a Tamil film to be declared as a winner, it should win in its home ground first, before claiming victory in other areas of the country or overseas. Also another fact - the producers do not have much interest of share of profits in other territories within country or overseas. They reap maximum rewards for the BO success in Tamilnadu first, all other areas are only second and lesser extent. But it will help to appease the heroes in boosting their BO numbers and helping their upcoming movies. As you can see no respected cinema news BO reporter has openly published their BO views and analysis based on raw number inputs from the trade (distributors and theater owners) its because of the sensitive of the audience of both fans. They do not want to play soilsport or lose some of their followers, they wanted to appease everyone, so most of the reporters did not report the BO numbers per their analysis. Some independant reporters gave the numbers that is reflected above in our data. Also we see huge flow of fake IDs in twitter from the fans of Ajith and Vijay mimicing trusted reviewers but posted fake numbers. Team Varisu production house started "Varisu Pongal winner" then Thunivu team responded "Thunivu real Pongal winner

We also earlier know the production house of Varisu for unwantedly triggerring emotions amongst both fans creating social media wars. What do you think about this Pongal 2023 race and please share your comments. Now first few days of the Box Office run is over, both film faces the critical litmus test of what is called the First Monday and First regular weekdays test.
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