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Tirupur Subramaniam answers questions related to Vijay, Ajith and Tamil Cinema box office collections

Leading distributor in Tamil cinema industry Tirupur Subramaniam answers questions related to Diwali release Vijay’s Sarkar and Tamil cinema box office collections for top heroes and Tamil films box office success and failure in general.

1)      How is the prerelease business for other Vijay movies compared to Sarkar?
On the present days compared to other Tamil artists, there is a wide collection for Vijay’s movies. Especially Sarkar breaking the 100 years record.

2)      Approximately how is the business between Mersal and Sarkar?
Sarkar is 20% greater collection to Mersal.

3)      Was Mersal at loss or a flop?
Only the directors and producers are aware of the collections of the movie and the salary of the other artists, on the outer perspective people are too soon to decide on their own as to the success of a movie which depends on a variety of factors.

4) Ranking of top movies:      
1)Bahubali 2 (Telugu and Tamil)
3) Enthiran
Being the top movies of this era business wise and Sarkar breaking Baahubali.

5)     How do you consider if the movie has crosses to no gain no loss ratio and what are all the screens planned in south?
150-200 crore is the estimated no gain no loss ratio to measure if the movie is a win or not collection wise. CBE, Erode, Tripur, Yelagiri has around 150-170 screen on which 100-120 screens are planned for Sarkar.

6) How is the collection focused for Vijay’s movies?
The actor focuses on all class audience who covers everyone unlike Rajini or Kamal or Ajith. Even if the collection is less there is still a crowd for Vijay’s movies – is an undeniable fact.

7) Collection wise who is the competitor to Vijay?
Ajith is definitely the competitor to Vijay.

8) Movies which portray in real life politics are not successful?
Politics separately in movies are not much acceptable. Entertainment with politics has always been the thing. Actors talking about politics don’t realise that it affects their movies and viewers. ADMK/DMK political people don’t watch such movies.

9) Sarkar uses politics in promotion – how?
Entertainment is a main factor in the movie so the audience love such frames. So it hasn’t been a minus point for Sarkar.

10) You have known Vijay from young age till now, but in politics how do u presume him to be as human being?
I cannot comment on that, if he has the talent I don’t see why not. He has certain righteous deeds for the people which is good and I only encourage him to learn more and then join politically. In politics such market is available for him in a decade, he can announce that he will be back in 10 years and continue his media role now. There are many actors who can fulfil the role that MGR played in politics, it is possible.

11) Leadership qualities in Vijay?
Don’t hurt anybody, friendly, doesn’t gossip at all.

12) Will Vijay maintain his silent in politics as always?
Politically its his right to talk and make his mark but now in movies its not advisable. Ajith doesn’t indulge in these talks too and stays within his cinematic territory.
Ajith has also made sure to not stick to politics right now and is concentrating on only cinema, however we can never judge if he’s really interested or not judging Kamal Hassan’s entry into politics after labelling it as garbage.

13) Has Sarkar broken the records of Kaala , Kabali in overseas.
We have limited ifnormation on the overseas rights but Sarkar is doing really well in overseas markets than his previous best Mersal.

14) Do online reviews affects the movie?
Online review is not partially wrong, but if the quality of the movie is assured online reviews cannot affect it, one example being Ratchasan. It had hardly 1-2 shows but now it overtakes 7.

15) Does Vijay talk to you about collection of his movies?
Recent 4-5 years there hasn’t been a discussion between us regarding that as the south screens’ statistics are not much needed whereas they only concentrate on Madras.

16) In box office how do u choose top 5 actors, who are them now?

Based on recent films, I will rate in below order:
Siva Karthikeyan
Vijay Sethupathi

17) Who do you think could be the next vijay
SivaKarthikeyan could be the next Vijay as he has a nice opening in his movies.
And as Ajith I think VijaySethupathi fulfils it.

18) changes after vishal became the leader?
There hasn’t been any big changes after that however 2 weeks back we had a video piracy incident in 10 theatres and we had a meeting within the producers and distributors where we spoke a lot and came to so many conclusions. After Diwali there is going to be a lot of improvements with installing cameras, ticket pricing and lot more.

19) distributors have decided on the rate while buying a movie but do you blame the producers for a refund if the movie is a flop?
We get a overall rating about the movie before buying it and movies which are not advised shouldn’t be bought. If a movie fails even so it’s the distributors responsibility to bear it. It’s a wrong fact that we blame the producers.

20) Are Vijay failure movies running well?
No not at all. Example; Puli, Sura were his flop movies which didn’t have a good collection . Here the only concept is “No quality content, no win”.
Baba was promoted too big but people didn’t fancy the whole idea, they serve as the judge in rating movies and content is very important for them.

21) What do you consider as the best reached Vijay movie to the audience?
Pokiri – very good commercial movie which had great songs and action.

22) Do actors and directors as a separate entity add value to the movie.
Definitely, actors and a good director with a good musician add all the values needed for a movie. vijay + director+ arr always has separate value and it’s shown in Sarkar.

23) Sarkar will go beyond online reviews?
Yes. Because Diwali is an important festival and people are much excited to go for a movie then, so it is a big plus for the collection of the movie

24) When do you think the estimated collection for Sarkar be collected?
I think it will be done on the opening day itself because the audience wants to know if tickets are available for the movie now itself and it is a vast crowd.