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Vada Chennai Movie Review

It seems Anbu has taken over the screen from early morning 5.00 am. Yes, we are talking about Vada Chennai. A long awaited movie has hit the screen’s today morning. Movie has an amazing crowd turnout. Almost all the theatres were houseful for the first screening and Kasi theater and many screens has started celebrating after the interval. Dhanush fan’s are real excited after watching the movie.

The movie seems to have worked the magic again. With the popular duo Vetri maran and Dhanush come together again. Everybody was looking for an amazing movie like their earlier one’s (Polladhavan and Aadukalam) and yes Vada Chennai is definitely an add on to the list.

Short wrap of the movie

The movie has covered a lot of years (1987-2003) of Anbu (Dhanush) who was initially a carom player who slowly turns to a gangster. The movie comes around Vada Chennai’s big heads Rajan (Ameer) who had the whole area in their control, the kind of politics he went through. There is the gang of bad boys who wants to take over his place. The bad group plays good to Ameer to fulfil their intention but they turn rivals in their own group. After which the group spilts into two. Here comes the person who fights against it.And slowly show how the control gets into the hands of Anbu.


The movie is very raw and deep. Almost all the character’s in the movie has delivered RAW dialogue’s and that brings the proper Vada Chennai into scene. The music of the movie is by Santhosh Narayanan. The songs jell with the movie and is a good plus to the movie. Aishwarya Rajesh has done a great job. Looks exactly like a next door girl from Vada Chennai .The movie is going to be a triology and this will be the first part of it. And all the others in movie Ameer, Andrea, Kishore, Pawan, Samuthirakani… have done a good job. Though a good movie it seems a little to lengthy gives a feel of watching 2 movie at a time.


Screen play
Great performance from all the star


Lengthy Drama
Bad language (lot of curse, swear words)

Bottom Line : Vada Chennai a totally different Chennai

Rating : 3.5/5