Valimai Review

Much awaited Ajith's Valimai has released worldwide today 24th Feb. Special 4 am fan shows were conducted throughout the country.

Valimai is an high octane action adventure with a message

The movie is high on action and lightweight on story that is predictable
The stunt sequences bring you to the seat edge not seen in any Indian movies before.
The story revolves around commonly heard social incidents in the news about innocent youth being used by mafia that revolves around using bikes as their main source of criminal activities.

How a common man's family(here a police officer) is affected himself by this mafia and how he traces the incidents and saves his family
The first half is intriguing with pre-interval bike sequences shot extremely well.
The second half its own interesting elements as well as additional action sequences
Overall Valimai is an above average content that is presented with some new and well shot action scenes.
It is clearly evident that multiple Covid lockdowns in last 2 years has affected the making of the movie (in second half particularly) and Valimai team still has managed to give a decent movie.

Our Rating: 3 / 5

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