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Vantha Rajavatha Varuven Movie Review

Its is a long time that Simbhu has had a single hero released; the last movie for him was“Chekka Chevantha Vaanam”. “Vantha Rajavatha Varuven” movie is directed by Sundar.C and Simbhu is taking the lead role. Megah akash and Catherine Tresa are pairing for Simbhu. Other people playing prominent roles are Nassar, Ramya Krishnan, Prabu, Yogi Babu and a Cameo played by Karthik.

The movie opens showing a rich family where Nassar is the grandfather who is missing his daughter Ramyakrishnan and talks about it to his grandson played by Simbhu. So the hero (simbhu) now takes up the task of uniting the father daughter duo. The reason for his distance between the father and daughter is Prabhu whom Ramya Krishnan is married and Nassar doesn’t like it. Simbhu travels to India in the intention of putting their separated family together. Later the movies steps on to a different location and situation just like another Sundar.c movie.

After a long time we can see Simbhu putting a lot of effort on to a movie, but if you ask has it worked then the answer would be not as expected. When we step into the theatre expecting full time entertainment as its a Sundar.c, your hopes might fall flat. Because the movie does show a lot of Heroism for Simbhu but it was not actually necessary for the script. There are lot of songs which falls in an unwanted time, Yogi babu has faired well in the movie. But he shows on the screen for hardly 15-20 minutes. All the other supporting characters actually seem mum. The music is by Hip hop tamizha but not as good as his previous movies.There are lot of punch dialogues which feels a little hard to digest. On the whole movie falls short of expectation for a Sundar.c and Simbhu combination.

Yogi Babu Comedy

Old template
1 st half
Action sequences

Final line : Old wine in a new bottle!!!

Ratings: 2.5/5