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Vettaikaaran director Babu Sivan dies at 54 in Chennai

Director Babu Sivan, who directed Vijay and Anushka Shetty’s Vettaikaran, died at 54 in Chennai. Reportedly, he suffered from kidney and liver failure.

Filmmaker Babu Sivan, who directed Vijay’s Vettaikaran in 2009, died in Chennai due to illness. He was 54 years old. He is survived by his wife and two children. Babu Sivan breathed his last at the Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital in Chennai. His mortal remains will be kept at his house in Madambakkam, Chennai for homage. Vijay’s fans have been sending condolence messages on social media.

Reportedly, Babu Sivan suffered from liver and kidney failure. On Sunday, his two daughters wrote the NEET exam and they were accompanied by their mother. When they reached home, they found Babu Sivan unconscious. He was then rushed to a hospital nearby.

Since Babu Sivan has been out of work for the past couple of years, they were undergoing financial troubles. Initially, he was admitted to a private hospital and was later shifted to Rajiv Gandhi Government hospital.

The doctors who treated Babu Sivan suggested dialysis as his kidney functioning was extremely poor. However, he succumbed to illness and breathed his last on Monday (September 16).

He has tested negative for Corona virus.

Babu sivan worked as a writer for 3 Vijay films Kuruvi, Vettaikaran and Bairavaa. He also directed Vettaikaran movie in 2009 which did not do well both with the critics and the box office.