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Viswasam 25th day!!! – #25DaysOfHistoricBBViswasam

Its time for celebration for Thala fans and team of Viswasam as hits its 25th day running!!!! It is not an easy thing that a movie stays in a theatre for 25 days and running successfully. Viswasam has hit that bell, it is still running in almost 300 theatre all over Tamilnadu. The weekend shows are still running full every where.

This is not an one man effort all the other like Nayanthara, Yogibabu, Robo Shankar, Vivek play a major role in pulling this movie to success. KJR studios which distributed the movie in Tamil nadu has tweeted “We thank the press, media, the film fraternity and all the fans out there for making our beautiful film a blockbuster”. So it is now official announced that Viswasam is a blockbuster hit. Fans are planning a lot special programmes to celebrate the success of this movie. Just to mention some a free eye camp for the needy, special and extra shows in theatres etc., . Fans are flocking the internet through facebook and twitter, expressing their joy and thanking director Shiruthai siva for giving another blockbuster movie with their favourite stars.

Kollywood.net is posting this with immense joy and we are with the fans in these celebrations.