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Viswasam Movie Review

Every one is eagerly waiting for Pongal, not only because it is time for festivity but two biggies are taking the entire prominent screens. Viswasam is one among them. Viswasam stars Ajith kumar and Nayanthara in the lead roles. Directed by Siva the movie has a pretty big star cast and looks very entertaining.

Generally there is a lot of twist and turn scenes in Ajith movie which makes it pretty interesting to watch. Fans were definitely expecting something on that line which will keep them on the edge of their seat. As usually punch dialogues, a couple or more of action sequence and a lot of masala elements to add up to the festivity. And for sure Mass screen presence, Ajith has a different accent when he speaks which one main crowd puller. Whenever he speaks up a dialogue with some essences, fans take it directly to their hearts. The first half of the movie is just as what a die hard fan would expect, the first half is filled with family sentiments, loads of comedy, Romance and last but not the least Action.

The movie is about a popular person in a village named Thooku durai who is none other than Thala Ajith, it shows how Thooku durai became what he is now. Facing all the obstacle from his enemies like Jagapathi Babu. The lady superstar has proved the she very well deserves that name, She plays Niranjan who is doctor, wife of Thooku Durai. Who finds that thooku durai’s ruffian interesting when in love but later after she becomes his wife she starts feeling its pretty inappropriate and leaves thooku durai with their daughter. Forced by family to bring back Niranjana, Ajith leaves to Mumbai where he learns that his daughter’s life is at stake by a business tycoon. The interval block ends with a action sequence in rain which gets a lot of applause. Later the movie narrates how Thooku durai protects his daughter which is played by Anikha. The story becomes a little imaginable like what will happens next can be guessed. D.Imman job well done, the songs were chart busters even before the movie released.

Ajith is not a star who will take up a family subject easily, the last movie with a family subject was Veeram. Viswasam is a total family drama with a lot of action and comedy. We are mentioning comedy because the star cast includes a lot of stars who will add up to the comedy element of the movie, stars like yogi babu, Jagapathi babu & Robo Shankar are sure to make people laugh just by their screen presences. So this Pongal is definitely going to a huge treat for Thala fans.

What Works:
Ajith’s Dialogue delivery
Stars performance

Usual Story Plot
Slight stretchy first half

Final Line: A true pongal treat not only for fans but ALL……

Ratings: 3.25/5