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Viswasam to make history!!!

The first GOOD news is that ‘Viswasam’s online streaming rights has been sold to a biggie who gives easy access to their customers, yes!!! Amazon prime has bagged the theatrical rights of Viswasam so immediately after the movie finishes its round in the theatre it will be readily available on Amazon prime. Which is a great news for people who watch movie at home, Amazon prime has a great visual quality.

The next one is an exciting news!!!! First time in Tamil cinema history Visawasam movie will do a women only screening, yes you heard it right…. A first day first show screening only for WOMEN!!! Vela cinemas , Thirunindravur, Chennai has planned this special event. The movie tickets will be sold only to women. No other movie till date has tried this before, So Viswasam is on the way to make history. This move will make life easier for Thala fans who are women and who want to watch their favourite stars movie, and that to for a first day first show. This is definitely an innovative way of pulling family crowd to cinema hall. Women will definitely feel much safe and comfortable with only women around. Hope this works towards the advantage of the movie and women. Way to go!!!