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Watchman Movie Review

GV Prakash’s Watchman is a crime thriller, directed by A L Vijay. Just a week after GV Prakash’s Kuppathu Raja hit the screens comes Watchman. The title assumes significance as Narendra Modi’s campaign revolves around Chowkidar (Watchman).

The movie revolves around a young man(GV Prakash) who comes to loot a bungalow to make money to settle his outstanding loans. He owes a lot of money to a local loan shark. He gets locked up in the house as he encounters a lot of eerie moments. Three cheers to Vijay for making in an entertaining thriller. However what begins well, slowly loses momentum. It is half-baked. There are enough twits and turns, but the end falls flat. Three cheers to he dog Bruno in the film. The movie is more of a dark thriller and AL Vijay has tried to add some pace towards the second half.

* GV Prakash’s performance
* Scenes involving Bruno
* GV Prakash’s background score

* Half-baked screenplay
* Slow paced second half

Final line: Watchman missing in the main gate

Stars: 2.5/5