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What is the expected Day 1 gross of 2 Point 0?

We can generally guess the day 1 collection of any other movie which is released on a working day. But we couldn’t guess something small as this is Superstar Rajinikanth’s movie. No other movie could pull this much of crowd even when released on a weekday. All the shows were houseful on the first day in all languages it has been released.

2 Point 0 movie is said to gross 28 to 35 crs only in Tamilnadu, this can happen only with Superstars movie. Because as said earlier it is a weekday release but it is bagging collection like a weekend release. The movie is getting almost 4 stars from a lot of movie critic website. Though movie fell short in first half screenplay, it caught up its fire in the second half immediately after the interval block. A visually ambitious movie, it has put a strong message across to the society.