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What is the link between Billa 3 and Superstar?

It seems to be a season of sequel in Tinsel town. Especially after a tremendous success of 2 Point 0

No other sequel has done this good at the box office. The reason could be because the effort and money which has gone into making of it. There was a rumour stating that Billa 3 which was a secret project by Simbu and Venkat prabhu is ready to roll.

Though there is a dilemma between the movies Kettavan and Billa 3. As far as Kollywood.net’s reliable sources say it will be Billa 3. Simbu already has plot in mind and he will be taking the lead role with another female lead. They both together will go after the antagonist to be more specific he will be ruthless villain. It is said that project will start rolling in the month of February 2019 and they are planning on releasing the movie on December 12th 2019.

They have chosen this date as it is Superstar Rajinikanth birthday and Billa truly belongs to Superstar. It has to be noted that the first sequel of Billa was by Ajith so ‘Thala’ fans were happy about Billa 3 but for their disappointment this time it will be Simbu.

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