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What Rajinikanth’s Connection in Maari 2?

Yes you heard it right, we all will get to see both son in law and father in law on a single screen this Christmas weekend. Kollywood.net had reported earlier that Maari 2 is scheduled to release this month 21st. So what is the connection between Dhanush’s Maari2 and Rajinikanth?

It is a trend now that the upcoming big movies trailed to be played in the interval block, that exactly where we are getting to. Superstars next movie Petta’s teaser is going to played in the interval block of Maari 2 this Christmas weekend. Not only Maari 2 but other movies releasing this Christmas will have Petta movie teaser in the interval block. Adanga maru, Seethakathi, Silukuvarpatti Singam are some of the movie in the list.

This Christmas will have tuff clash between movies like Maari 2, Adanga Maru and Seethakathi as all these movies have prominent stars. Maari 2 has Dhanush, Adanga Maru has Jayam Ravi play the lead role and Seethakathi has Vijay Sethupathi. All these three movies have stars who have give blockbuster hits before these movies. So let see who will the lead this time. Especially Seethakathi has already set the expectations high because it was already in news that Vijay Sethupathi is playing multiple characters in this movie one of which is a women’s getup.