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Why did ‘Sarkar’ get a U/A

The only movie which has been in news for the past month is Sarkar, the movie has developed a tremendous expectation among Vijay fans and also in general audience. Vijay has been having continuous diwali release from the last year, this will be the 2nd consecutive year. Last year it was Mersal for diwail and this year it will be Sarkar. Mersal did extremely well at the box office and fans will definitely expect this diwali to be a blockbuster diwali specially for Vijay fans.

After breaking the all time record of Rs.18 cr for chegalpattu, Sarkar movie has been given a U/A certificate. Generally Vijay’s movie get’s a ‘U’ certificate but this movie has some scenes which are not fit for all the audience. Some scenes where the hero takes law on to his hands are told to be the one which made the movie get the ‘U/A’ certificate. It doesn’t matter if the movie has got a ‘U or U/A’, it is a known fact that fans are just waiting for the movie to be released so that it will pep up their diwali celebration.