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Why ‘Sarkar’ 5 am show cancelled?

The one and only movie of which the expectation is touching sky high is ‘Sarkar’. Fans are eagerly waiting for their favourite stars movie to be out in just few hours. But there is pretty disappointing news for the fans. The popular 5 AM show seems to be cancelled this time in chennai circle. Vijay was the only actor who had got the maximum number of theatres with early morning show. Somebody has lodged a complained stating the theatres are running the 5 AM show without permission and ticket prices is been increased . So collector has ordered a stay to cancel the early morning show in some areas.

This has caused a lot of disappointment amongst the fans who had been eagerly waiting for this show. Because of this cancellation the next show time tickets have drastically increased causing another big trouble for fans. There is heavy demand for the tickets now as its diwali and everybody is looking forward for the movie.