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Will Dhanush have a Valentine’s day special?

After doing a fantastic project like Vada Chennai, Dhanush has an immediate release which has been shelved for quite some time now. Its not even a month that the movie Vada Chennai has released and the next one ‘Enai Noki Payum Thotta’ was on board for diwali. But it looks like they postponed the release of this movie.

Considering the fact that its too early for Dhanush to have a next movie to be released. This diwali has a lot of movies to be released one amongst which is ‘Sarkar’ by Vijay. Having a movie like ‘Sarkar’ slated for diwali it makes sense to postpone ‘Enai Noki Payum Thotta’. The movie could either be released in December for Christmas or even later. There are talks stating that the movie could even be postponed to the month of February. The movie might end up being a valentine’s day release.